Custom power

The FIRST of its kind; a lightweight, water-resistant, lithium polymer battery system with an innovative magnetic connection system.


The CorePower is a custom-built power source for ONE-LAYER. It is sleek and ergonomically comfortable when against your body. You won’t even feel its presence. Whether your focus is the target, the trophy, the goal, or the finish line, click it in and aim.

SLEEK DESIGN – The CorePower is thin, ergonomic, and designed to curve around the body.

LIGHT WEIGHT – Includes high-quality components in a lightweight, high-impact polycarbonate housing.

WATER RESISTANCE – The sonically-welded battery housing is hermetically sealed with a waterproof gasket around the micro USB port.

MAGNETIC CONNECTION – Make it Click! It is as easy as that — no wires to mess with or plug-in. Unzip your pocket, slide your battery in, and line up the magnets. Click!

TRUE BATTERY LIFE – Cold weather can shorten battery life significantly. Strategically placed heat pads to warm your CorePower so you can enjoy maximum run times.

SAFETY FIRST – CorePower is UN38.3 certified.

magnetic docks giving an instant power source

CorePower’s pocket is built from a light, neoprene fabric and has reinforced stitching to offer support for minimal battery weight. High-end, Teflon coated, locking YKK zippers round out the construction of the pockets. The magnetic locking docks give you a quick and hassle-free connection and provide extra support from garment sagging or battery movement. Take it for a run. You won’t be disappointed.

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