A state-of-the-art base layer heating system that offers unparalleled reliability, durability, and performance.


LEADING-EDGE DESIGN – Our design lines are not just cool; they are utilitarian. The ONE-LAYER’s strategically placed cover stitching, 2-way, and 4-way stretch fabrics are the key to distributing the garment and battery weight evenly for the highest level of comfort and lightweight feel.

ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE – Mobility and dexterity are the driving force behind our proprietary ‘floating pad’ pocket and harness design. Our heat technology floats in between the liner and outer shell, allowing the garment to flex with your body, giving you a full range of motion.

SUPERIOR DURABILITY – ONE-LAYER A lifetime warranty backs ONE-LAYER heat pads and harnesses. These virtually indestructible wireless pads are linked in parallel to each other by a harness constructed out of 18-gauge, 75-pound tensile strength cable using aircraft and marine-grade crimping techniques.

WATERPROOF ELECTRONICS – The ‘Bridge,’ or the brain of ONE-LAYER, is ONE-LAYER’s CPU/Bluetooth that is encapsulated in our proprietary flexible, waterproof, urethane epoxy shell. The ONE-LAYER is machine washable and dryable.

BEST IN CLASS – From the YKK locking zippers, to the high-tech moisture wicking and antimicrobial compression fabrics, H.E.A.T. sources only the best quality materials from around the globe.

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Arterial HeatING Zones

Optimum arterial pad placement maximizes our heat technology’s potential. The arterial pathways are the key to unlocking ONE-LAYER’s full-body warming capabilities.


We can put men on the moon, but keeping them warm has been a challenge since the beginning of time…until now…

Like aerospace, we take a very scientific and technological approach to warming the body. After consulting with a renowned cardiovascular specialist, we identified the body’s most abundant arterial blood flow. We targeted these areas for the placement of our heat pads. As the blood warms and circulates, it carries the heated blood from these zones throughout your entire body.

We knew pad placement would be the key to full-body warming and maximizing ONE-LAYER's heat performance. It is crucial both top and bottom garments are properly sized, fit snug against the body, and heat pads are in the correct locations.

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Due to the arch in the lower back, some users may experience little to no warmth in the lower back heating zones. Kidney warmth is vital for the arterial chain. We provide an adjustable belt to ensure the pads rest tight to the lower back.

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(H.E.A.T.® Technology)

This isn’t Granny’s janky old heated wire blanket.

Traditional wire pads and printed “technology” are unreliable, inefficient, dangerous, and, most of all, antiquated. FabRoc technology is the cutting-edge heated fabric, which is durable, wireless, lightweight, crush proof, and safe.

FabRoc is the safest heat technology on the market. FabRoc self regulates temperature with 13 proprietary formulations. There’s no need for resistors, thermolators, or other temperature controlling components that can malfunction, causing thermal runaway.

FabRoc is certified to emit in the Far Infrared (FIR) spectrum providing multiple health benefits. FIR heat deeply penetrates into soft tissue loosening up sore muscles and aiding in injury prevention.

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